Local Power Companies Help Residents with Heating and Cooling Costs

Electricity can be expensive and our biggest electrical expense in the Phoenix Valley area is our heating and cooling costs. Depending on your area, home, and economic status, your electrical bill can take a big chunk out of your monthly income. Here we examine some ways you can save money on your electric bill, through discounts, rebates, and giveaways.

SRP will give qualifying households two free desert trade trees but this is a short-time offer, so sign up immediately. 

SRP will give qualifying households two free desert trade trees but this is a short-time offer, so sign up immediately. 

Limited income discounts


Low-income residents with APS may qualify for a flat 25% discount through their energy support program. This program also applies to qualifying households with medical care equipment. You can get the forms to apply for one of these programs here.

SRP has an economy price plan which features the same income requirement chart but applies a flat rate credit of either $20 or $21 from the household’s total bill, depending on the month. SRP customers who believe they qualify can call Call SRP at (602) 236–8888. 


Rebates for APS customers

APS offers a rebate on everything from
Advanced diagnostic a/c tune-up by participating contractors: $95
Cool control device: $70 (contractor participation)
Qualifying ENERGY STAR variable speed pool pump: $100
Approved Smart thermostat (new): $75

Check those out here.

In addition, they offer heating and cooling system help:

A/C or heat pump replacement: $245
Duct test and repair rebate: up to $400

Rebates for SRP customers

Duct testing and repair: up to $250.
Cool Cash A/C rebate program: $400-800.

Other resources
Discounted LED Lights can be found at several Valley retailers. Here is a list.


Two free low water use shade trees for SRP customers who attend a class on how to care for them. This is a limited time offer and if you want in on this deal, you need to sign up right now. 

SRP offers a ‘medical preparedness program’ for customers who have one of several medical machines, such as dialysis machines, apnea monitors for infants, and others. With a doctors approval, a customer can apply to be a part of this program, which prepares and notifies customers of planned outages so they can decide how to proceed.

SRP offers resource counselors who can help customers obtain other resources, such as food, clothing and medical care. Call SRP at (602) 236–8888.


APS offers a free energy analyzer.


SRP offers energy savings events in Phoenix, Gilbert, Peoria, Chandler, Tempe, and Mesa. Customers learn about water and energy efficiency. Here are the list and dates of locations.

APS offers power plant tours throughout the state.


We hope one or more of these discounts, rebates, and giveaways will save you money on your electric bill, put cash back into your pocket or enrich your home or knowledge of electricity. 

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