Ways to Gear Up for Winter


Once the temperature dips below 100 degrees in the Phoenix area, we start thinking about scarves and things to keep us warmer, even though some of us never wear anything but shorts and flipflops.

As we turn to all things pumpkin spice and admiring the Christmas wares in a certain warehouse store, let’s also do a few things in our home to prepare for the advent of winter.

Reverse the ceiling fans

Ceiling fans have a switch which will change the blade direction from counterclockwise, which pushes the air down, to clockwise, which pulls the air upward. This updraft causes the warm on the ceiling (always there, since heat rises) back down the walls of the room into the presence of the room’s occupants. 

Change the filter

During the summer, our HVAC units work so hard, it seems like winter would be a ‘breeze’ for them, but surprisingly, heating a house is a busy job, too. So, continue to change your filter once a month, especially if you have pets, people with respiratory conditions, or live in a particularly dusty neighborhood. 


Caulk the cracks

If you have an older home, a surprising amount of heat is lost through poorly sealed window frames. This article gives a good run-down on window sealing. Once these cracks or sealed, it will not only make the rooms more comfortable, but you’ll also see a difference in your electric bill. 

Get Smart

A smart thermostat, if you don’t already have one, can work with the ebb and tide of your comings and goings, and with your lifestyle needs, to create a customized temperature program. If you happen to be going away for the weekend or won’t be home until later than usual, you can control the temperature from your cell phone, rather than heating an empty house. 

Schedule your yearly inspection

If you need a yearly inspection, we can send a guy!

If you need a yearly inspection, we can send a guy!

If you didn’t get your HVAC inspected in the Spring, now is a good time to have that done before the winter rush. While the technician is there, you can ask him about having your ductwork tested for leaks, your home’s insulation requirements, and anything else which might help the energy efficiency of your home. 

Review the winter electrical appliances

When you get out those space heaters and electric blankets, check each one carefully to make sure the cords are sound and they don’t have any bunched or twisted wires, cracks or defects. Electric blankets should be thrown away if they are more than ten years old. We recommend only using an electric blanket to warm the bed before sleep: after you climb into bed, shut it off. The bed will stay cozy, but the dancer of shock or fire is minimized.  Once a person is sleeping, the body becomes acclimated to the cooling temperature, which has some health benefits, as well. 

If you need a yearly inspection, ductwork testing, or refrigeration/heating service in your Phoenix-area home, call All-Temp Refrigeration and Heating at 480-376-7548